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BACHE Strategic Objectives 2015 - 2020

1.  To engage with and encourage via both the existing membership and through theAssociationofUniversityDirectorsofEstatesthose universities who are not members of the Association to join, thus increasing the membership to include all universities within the United Kingdom.

2.  To foster engagement with similar Associations overseas, representing cleaning and associated services in the education sector thereby leading to the sharing of best practices and knowledge transfer across international boundaries.

3.  To engage with the British Cleaning Council thereby ensuring that the voice of the UK educational sector is represented nationally in regards to both its contribution to the prosperity of the cleaning industry as well as having input into the review and development of relevant legislative and good practice guidance applicable to the cleaning sector.

4.  To engage with and support the promotion amongst the membership, organisations such as the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences and City and Guilds with specific regards to training opportunities and to work with both organisations to help shape training needs applicable to the membership in the sphere of cleaning and associated services.

5.  To provide via redevelopment of the web-site, an interactive resource for the membership whereby this is the go-to-site for:

a.   Information on shared communications between members;

b.   Links to relevant statutory and good practice guidance;

c.   Training opportunities and courses;

d.   Links to nationally negotiated supply contracts for the supply of consumables, cleaning services and other associated services

6.   To deliver a varied and engaging annual conference, that: 

a.   Is responsive to the members' needs;

b.   Showcases and shares best practices in the delivery of cleaning and associated services;

c.   Provides a learning experience and opportunity for members to learn from each other via delivery of keynote sessions and interactive workshops;

d.   Provides networking opportunities both amongst members as well as with selected companies providing cleaning and associated services;

e.   Highlights successes and challenges in the delivery of cleaning and associated services across the education sector

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