Through membership of the British Cleaning Council (BCC), BACHE Members are entitled to apply for grants and/or awards that are made available by the BCC and other member associations linked to the BCC.

British Cleaning Council - grants

The British Cleaning Council has a limited grant of £40,000 per year and seeks to fund a number of different projects to a maximum value of £10,000 a year.

Within this context, the British Cleaning Council will focus all funding on those projects that have the greatest impact on the British Cleaning Council's strategic outcomes.

Only those projects that show clear added value to the current delivery are likely to be successful so applications should highlight how they enhance the profile of a professional and socially responsible cleaning industry.

Projects should focus on:
  • Increasing the positive profile of the cleaning industry
  • Promoting cleaning as a force for improved health and hygiene

BACHE members are encouraged to consider applying for a British Cleaning Council grant.

Details of the award criteria and grant application procedure are available via the BCC web-site click here.

Any BACHE member considering submitting a grant application is requested to inform The Chair prior to submission, in order that The Chair may advise and support the application when considered by the BCC Council, which meets quarterly.

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