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bache - the british association of cleaning in higher education
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BACHE, was launched in the spring of 2004 with HEFCE funding and provides a forum for Cleaning Managers in Higher Education Institutions.

BACHE's objectives are:

  • To encourage the training and development of staff within British HE cleaning organisations to recognised standards. 

  • To promote Best Practice in the activities of its members.

  • To enhance the profile of HE cleaning and associated support services through professionalism.

  • To influence the decisions of the Funding Councils, UK Universities and other key stakeholders to benefit the activities of its members and their customers.

  • To facilitate the networking of all its members

  • To disseminate information of value to members.

  • To represent the British HE cleaning community wherever necessary.

  • To provide advice to members.

BACHE is represented on the National Cleaning Forum and a number of other professional bodies and Higher Education Groups.

BACHE Administrative Contacts

BACHE Office
Whitehouse, Wymeswold Road
Wysall, Notts.
NG12 5QU
01509 889256
[email protected]

Catherine Anderson
Director of Residential and Leisure Services
Tha Foundation Building, 2nd Floor,
765 Brownlow Hill
L69 7ZX
0151 794 2325
[email protected]