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British Association of Cleaning in Higher Education
For a Sustainable Future
The British Association of Cleaning in Higher Education (BACHE) is the primary association providing support for building cleaning and associated services within the Higher Education sector.

HEFCE provided start up funding for the association, which was formally launched in the spring of 2004.
BACHE aims to standardise training for cleaning staff (in higher education institutions), recognising the importance of professional cleaning activity.
BACHE helps higher education bodies and institutions in the UK and Ireland pull together and thereby achieve the ultimate aim of improving cleaning and giving campus environs an overall boost.

BACHE2008 Conference
BACHE2008 National Conference & Exhibition will take place at the University of Surrey
9-11th June 2008

BACHE Workshop Dates
Wednesday 7th November 2007 Birmingham City University, Westbourne Campus, Room 320 Seacole Building
Wednesday 6th February 2008 at Warwick University.
`The Premier Products Cleaning Training System,’ `Short case studies from other universities on their approach to training’
Wednesday 20th February 2008 at The Institute of Education, London
Pay Rates in the Sector POSTPONED
Thursday 10th April 2008 at Leicester University
What a Waste

Entries are now open for the BACHE awards. Don't miss out - Put in your entry for 2008 now!

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