Publication date:30 September 2004
Institution:University of Portsmouth

Reported recently in the Portsmouth Universty Campus Serives Newsletter. Three Campus Services colleagues, George Heir, Sue Tong and Shirley Alton had an eventful time on the return journey from the BACHE cleaning conference at Sheffield Hallam University in June. Positive outcomes from the conference included: • Learning how to write cleaning specifications for contractors • Sharing solutions to common problems with colleagues from other Universities • Living the “Customer experience” when staying in a Hall of Residence And we are told they scrubbed up well for the gala dinner where they mopped up all that was put in front of them!
A brush with fate along the line meant an unscheduled stop at Leamington spa. The station staff were really under the COSHH from passengers demanding information and then the train broom broomed out of the station leaving many people behind. However as they swept onto the train at 4.50pm things turned dirty. Shirley Alton dusted off and polished up her “handling conflict” skills when she helped to calm down an angry passenger. He was upset because all the food and drink had been hoovered up in the buffet car. If you would like to add your experience of the BACHE conference send your items to [email protected].
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